IAATI investigators, detectives and specialists have always considered themselves experts in vehicle crimes while neglecting to acknowledge their expertise in crimes other than those generally associated with motor vehicle theft. For example, rarely is a motor vehicle stolen that is not connected to other forms of crime such as robbery, theft, identity theft, narcotics, burglary, murder, sexual assaults, terrorism and a myriad of other crimes. As a trained investigator you have the necessary skills to follow up on all the leads associated with the actual vehicle theft but your ability to investigate the secondary crimes associated with the theft will demonstrate to your command staff, citizens and politicians that motor vehicle theft is not just a property crime.

IAATI has recognized the need for an accepted method and standard of evaluating the qualifications of individuals who are conducting vehicle crime investigations. Vehicle crime investigators, detectives and specialists who testify in court as “Experts” have an equal need and motivation to establishing their credentials and should be proud to add the designation Certified Vehicle Crime Specialist to their resume.

 Certified Vehicle Crime Specialist Certification Program Objectives:

  • To recognize qualified Vehicle Crime Specialists;
  • To serve as a registry for qualified investigators and specialists world-wide;
  • To promote excellence in training, education and in vehicle crime investigations
  • To provide a system by which qualified investigators will be more easily recognized as “Experts” in the courts and elsewhere.