Western Regional Chapter

Western Regional - Cloned

The Western Regional Chapter was formed and received their IAATI Charter in 1988. The WRC is comprised of 3 Canadian Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan along with the U.S. States of California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Utah.

When the WRC was initially formed there was a concern by the local State and Provincial auto theft associations that had been in existence for many years that the WRC would somehow usurp and interfere with their stated objectives and training seminars.

As a result of this concern the stated objective of the WRC became one of support for the regional auto theft associations and the training they provided and not to develop a separate Western Regional Chapter Training Seminar. As a result of this stated objective the WRC became known as the “paper chapter” as unlike the other Regional Chapters that make up IAATI, no yearly training seminar would be held so as to conflict with the State and Provincial Auto Theft Associations. This objective remains in place to this day.

To further augment the WRC commitment to the local State and Provincial Auto Theft Associations the Board of Directors of the WRC is comprised of the Presidents of the State and Provincial Auto Theft Associations that exist today within the Western Regional Chapter.