Association History

IAATI was founded in 1952.

Past Presidents

2022 to 2023       ANA LAURA BRIZUELA (LA Branch) E-Mail:, Elected at Chicago, IL USA Seminar

2021 to 2022       PAUL THOMAS (AU Branch) E-Mail:, Elected at Denver, CO USA Seminar

2019 to 2021       MARTHINUS ODENDAL (SA Branch) E-Mail:  Elected at Glasgow, Scotland Seminar

2018 to 2019       WILLIAM JOHNSON (WRC) E-Mail:    Elected at Pittsburgh, PA USA Seminar

2017 to 2018      JD HOUGH (WRC) E-Mail:   Elected at Capetown, South Africa Seminar

2016 to 2017      J.C.B. KOOIJMAN (EU Branch) E-Mail:   Elected at Murfreesboro, Tennessee USA Seminar

2015 to 2016      TODD M. BLAIR (SERC) E-Mail:   Elected at the Phoenix, Arizona USA Seminar

2014 to 2015      HEIDI M. JORDAN (NERC) E-Mail:   Elected at the Fort Worth, Texas Seminar

2013 to 2014      PETER R. PERRIEN (SCRC) E-Mail: Elected at the Rimini, Italy Seminar

2012 to 2013      JOHN P. O'BYRNE (AU Branch) E-Mail: Elected at the Kansas City, Missouri Seminar

2011 to 2012      JOE F. BROSIUS (WRC) E-Mail: Elected at the Atlantic City, New Jersey Seminar

2010 to 2011      CHRISTOPHER T. MCDONOLD (SERC)  E-Mail: Elected at the Orlando, Florida Seminar

2009 to 2010      HENRY H. BRUNE, JR (SCRC)  E-Mail:    Elected at the Denver, Colorado Seminar

2008 to 2009      MIKEL  LONGMAN (WRC)  E-Mail:    Elected at the Sydney, Australia Seminar

2007 to 2008      ROBERT E. SOUTHARD (NERC) E-Mail:    Elected at the Phoenix, Arizona Seminar

2006 to 2007      TOMMY  HANSEN (SCRC) E-Mail:    Elected at the Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Seminar

2005 to 2006      KEVIN P. MCHUGH (NERC) E-Mail:    Elected at the New Orleans, Louisiana Seminar

2004 to 2005      KAREN L. METZ (SERC) E-Mail:    Elected at the Antwerp, Belgium Seminar

2003 to 2004      CRAIG I PETTERD (AU Branch) E-Mail:    Elected at the Los Angeles, California,  USA Seminar

2002 to 2003      KENT W. MAWYER (SCRC) E-Mail:    Elected at the Albuquerque, New Mexico,  USA Seminar 

2001 to 2002      DAVID M. ECKLUND (SERC) E-Mail:    Elected at the Virginia Breach, Virginia, USA Seminar

2000 to 2001      ROGER L. VAN DREW (NCRC) E-Mail:    Elected at the Vancouver, British Coumbia, Canada Seminar

1999 to 2000      DENNIS A. ROSKE (NCRC) E-Mail:    Elected at the Dearborn, Michigan, USA Seminar

1998 to 1999      ROBERT C. HASBROUCK (NERC)  E-Mail:    Elected at the Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA Seminar

1997 to 1998      JACQUES I DEREMER   E-Mail:    Elected at the Bribane, Australia Seminar

1996 to 1997      STEPHEN E. GOBBY (NERC)  E-Mail:   Elected at the San Antonio, Texas, USA Seminar

1995 to 1996      PHILIP J. CREPEAU (NERC) E-Mail:    Elected at the Des Moines, Iowa USA Seminar

1994 to 1995      DENNIS L. MEYER   E-Mail:    Elected at the Nashville, Tennessee USA Seminar

1993 to 1994      KENNETH B. MACKENZIE   Passed Away 2020    Elected at the Boise, Idaho USA Seminar

1992 to 1993      JEAN-CLAUDE  CLOUTIER   E-Mail:    Elected at the Toronto, Ontario Canada Seminar

1991 to 1992      DANIEL F. RYAN   Passed Away 2012    Elected at the St. Paul, Minnesota USA Seminar

1990 to 1991      PATRICIA A. HESTER (SERC) E-Mail:    Elected at the Omaha, Nebraska USA Seminar

1989 to 1990      LARRY L. CAPP   E-Mail:    Elected at the San Diego, California USA Seminar

1988 to 1989      LARRY E. BARKSDALE   E-Mail: None Given    Elected at the Galveston, Texas USA Seminar

1987 to 1988      PAUL W. GILLILAND   Passed Away    Elected at the Salt Lake City, Utah USA Seminar

1986 to 1987      ROBERT A. POPE   E-Mail: None Given    Elected at the Hartford, Connecticut USA Seminar

1985 to 1986      VLADIMIR  IVKOVICH   E-Mail:    Elected at the Des Moines, Iowa USA Seminar

1984 to 1985      JERRY  COLE   E-Mail:    Elected at the Reno, Nevada USA Seminar

1983 to 1984      RICHARD D MCQUOWN   E-Mail:    Elected at the Little Rock, Arkansas USA Seminar

1982 to 1983      ZIGGY  ZABLOCKI   Passed Away 2012    Elected at the Baltimore, Matyland USA Seminar

1981 to 1982      W. E. RUTLEDGE   Passed Away 2022   Elected at the Houston, Texas USA Seminar

1980 to 1981      SCOTT V.B. ENGLISH   E-Mail: None Given    Elected at the Arlington Heights, Illinois USA Seminar

1979 to 1980      RONALD C VAN RAALTE   Passed Away 2008    Elected at the Denver, Colorado USA Seminar

1978 to 1979      STAN  MOATS   Passed Away    Elected at the Mobile, Alabama USA Seminar

1977 to 1978      LOUIS W SPRY   Passed Away 2009    Elected at the Montreal, Qubec, Canada Seminar

1976 to 1977      GEORGE F. HEES   Passed Away    Elected at the San Jose, California USA Seminar

1975 to 1976      CLARENCE O. BRICKEY   Passed Away -2024 Elected at the Springfield, Illinois USA Seminar

1974 to 1975      DON R. CAMPBELL   Passed Away 2011    Elected at the Newark, Delaware USA Seminar

1973 to 1974      HARRY J BRADY,SR   Passed Away 2007    Elected at the Arlington, Texas USA Seminar

1972 to 1973      BONNIE M PIKE   Passed Away 2013    Elected at the Tallahassee, Florida USA Seminar

1971 to 1972      RAYMOND W. DREHER   Passed Away    Elected at the Detroit, Michigan USA Seminar

1970 to 1971      JAMES W. HARRIS   Passed Away    Elected at the Knoxville, Tennessee USA Seminar

1969 to 1970      HARRY A. GUINN   Passed Away    Elected at the Toronto, Ontario Canada Seminar

1968 to 1969      CLYDE W. OLIVER JR.   Passed Away    Elected at the Sacramento, California USA Seminar

1967 to 1968      THOMAS J HORRIGAN   Passed Away    Elected at the College Park, Maryland USA Seminar

1966 to 1967      RICHARD  JERABECK   Passed Away    Elected at the Knoxville, Tennessee USA Seminar

1965 to 1966      MALCOLM A. BALLARD   E-Mail: None Given    Elected at the Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA Seminar

1964 to 1965      S. RAYMOND MAYHUGH   Passed Away    Elected at the Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA Seminar

1963 to 1964      GEORGE R. HARKNESS   Passed Away    Elected at the Norman, Oklahoma USA Seminar

1962 to 1963      JOHN G. WILLIAMS   Passed Away    Elected at the Norman, Oklahoma USA Seminar

1961 to 1962      WILLIAM P. SCANLAND   Passed Away 1993    Elected at the Dallas, Texas USA Seminar

1960 to 1961      GLEN H. MCLAUGHIN   Passed Away 2007     Elected at the Norman, Oklahoma USA Seminar

1959 to 1960      A. M. GILBERT   Passed Away    Elected at the Miami, Florida USA Seminar

1958 to 1959      N. C. STURGEON   Passed Away    Elected at the Memphis, Tennessee USA Seminar

1957 to 1958      EDWARD  LEESTMA   Passed Away    Elected at the Fort Worth, Texas USA Seminar

1956 to 1957      A. T. NELSON   Passed Away    Elected at the Los Angeles, California USA Seminar

1955 to 1956      R. B. KING   Passed Away    Elected at the Grand Rapids, Michigan USA Seminar

1954 to 1955      H. D. BRIGHAM   Passed Away    Elected at the Kansas City, Missouri USA Seminar

1953 to 1954      JOHN F. DANIEL   Passed Away    Elected at the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA Seminar

1952 to 1953      JOHN F. DANIEL   Passed Away


Life Members

In addition to the Past Presidents, who automatically receive life membership, the following individuals have been awarded life membership by the International Board:

RONALD  VAN DEN HOECK  (European and Southern African Branch)

JAMES  HOLMES  (Southeast Regional Chapter)

WILLIAM BORMAN  (Northeast Regional Chapter)

CHARLES BANKS  (Southeast Regional Chapter)

PATRICK CLANCY  (Northeast Regional Chapter)

JAMES SPANEL  (North Central Regional Chapter)

JAMES CADIGAN  (Southeast Regional Chapter)

JAMES WOLLENBERG   (North Central Regional Chapter)

H. LEE BALLARD   (North Central Regional Chapter)