President's Message

Dear Members,        Briggs

With the end of 2023 and the start of 2024,  a new beginning is upon us which brings opportunities to reestablish an even stronger knowledge base.

The UK Branch Board has continued to meet via Zoom since March 2020 and Covid 19.

This year we aim to have a conference with both public and private industries to bring together knowledge and start to role out training.  We have launched the Alliance magazine. As a member, you are invited to submit articles of interest and highlighting your experience for publication.

If you are a company and you wish to advertise in it, please contact me.

I thank the IAATI UK Board for their service these past three years during the changing and difficult times we have all been living through.

The 2024 IAATI UK Board consists of:

Hannah Chowdhury (WWRC)
Paul Harrison (DSTL)
Iain McKinlay (Police Scotland)
Chris Elliott (NFU Ret)
Darren Faulds (Police Scotland)
Peter Wilson (Datatag)
Gary Moore (Police Scotland)
Ken German (Media Consultant)

Your UK Board will be working hard to make the UK conference as interesting and successful as those we have organised and hosted in the past.

Your ideas and suggestions for events, knowledge transfer, and communications are welcomed.

Working with Police forces around the UK and Ireland, as well as with vehicle insurers and product and services solution suppliers, I am certain that we can cover a lot of questions and find potential solutions.

Please ask if there is anything you, as a member, would like to see and learn about. You do not have to be a Board member to help and assist in making IAATI into the conduit of knowledge and cooperation that it can be. Together, let us take the fight to the criminals.

Thank you and all the best!

Mike Briggs
IAATI UK Branch President