IAATI UK Alan Taylor Award (Technology Award)

Who can be Nominated?
This Award is usually given to a company, organisation or individual who has successfully used the latest anti-theft technology in their pursuit of prevention, detection and investigation of Auto theft and related crime.

The Technology Award will be presented to an individual, group, association, or company who has demonstrated a successful investigation, operation, or recovery of stolen vehicles or vehicles with the use of the latest technological advancements and up-to-date techniques providing countermeasures to vehicle theft.
Nominees will be assessed by the Awards Assessment Committee, who will present a short list of finalists to the United Kingdom Board to select the winner. The winner and runner-up for this award are announced at the annual IAATI UK National Vehicle Crime Conference Awards Banquet held each year.
The successful recipient or organisation will receive the Award from the IAATI UK Branch President at the IAATI UK National Vehicle Crime Conference.
The runner-up will receive a Certificate of commendation from IAATI.
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For more information, please read the Awards Brochure IAATI_UK_Awards_Policy_Version_201807_2.pdf

To nominate for this or any other UK Branch award, please click this link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/IAATIUKAWARDS