Get Involved!

Interested in becoming involved?  Becoming a State Delegate or working on a committee?

SEIAATI is always looking for members who want to get involved in the organization and stay active throughout the year.  We have numerous committees that work all year long, working on ways to improve our chapter and planning the next conference.  Below is a list of committees available and information on becoming a State Delegate.  

State Delegate


It is the State Delegate’s duty to assist in the functions of the Southeast Chapter in his state/district and to be responsible for circulating information about the Southeast Chapter, and to obtain membership for the Southeast Chapter from those eligible persons as explained in ARTICLE II of the Constitution. 

Finance Committee


The Finance Committee shall audit the financial records of the SEC for the previous year.

  1. The Committee shall make a report of its findings at the Annual Business Meeting.
  2. Any discrepancies shall be reported at once to the President and the Executive Board.

The Finance Committee shall propose an annual budget and present it at the Annual Business Meeting.

Award Committee


  1. There shall be awards established within the Southeast Regional Chapter of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators to recognize its members for outstanding performance throughout the year.
  2. A Committee shall be designated by the President to receive all nominations submitted.  The deadline for acceptance of nominations shall be set and announced to the membership by the Awards Committee Chairman.
  3. Following a review by all members of the Awards Committee, the selection will be made and announced to all appropriate persons, such as:

1.      Award Recipient

2.      Recipient’s Immediate Supervisor and/or Department Head

3.      President

4.      Executive Board

Sponsorship/Exhibitor Committee


The Sponsorship and Exhibitors Committee shall invite exhibitors to each Annual Seminar.  The OSC (On-site Committee) and Sponsorship/Exhibitors Committee will coordinate in providing space and arrangements for the exhibitors at the Annual Training Seminar facility.

Training Committee


  1. Prepare and solicit material for the SE Chapter’s newsletters
  2. Prepare and recommend minimum standards for vehicle theft training
  3. To advise the Program Chairman (2nd Vice-President) of specific training needs and suggested seminar topics and assist in obtaining instructors for upcoming training.
  4. To maintain and update a list of qualified instructors and their areas of expertise.

If you are interested, please complete the form below.  Selections will be made on a case-by-case evaluation and based on the needs of the organization.  Board members are appointed at the discretion of the President.  If you are not selected, we encourage you to reapply during the next conference.  The first step in moving up in the organization is becoming active and then becoming a State Delegate.  This can be a rewarding experience, and we would like to see more members join the ranks.

To get involved:

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