Keith Schmidt

Winner:  Keith Schmidt

Presenting the Award is:  Kent Mawyer, International President of IAATI.


During the past couple of years Keith has contributed above and beyond the expectations of a role as a committee member.

He has undertaken a large amount of work in helping promote IAATI throughout Queensland including assisting in the organising and presentation of mini seminars at the Roma Street Police Station for local members and potential members.

He has assisted Ian Gunthorpe with the development and maintenance of the Australasian Branch web page.

He has recently taken on the role of writing, collecting and coordinating material for inclusion in the Australasian Branch pages of the APB.

He has also taken on board the role of Executive Director for the Branch – a very time consuming and yet vitally important position within the Branch.

Keith can always be relied upon not only to volunteer for jobs, but to meeting those commitments while al the time carrying out his work at a very professional level.

International President Kent Mawyer (left) presents 2003 Member of the Year Winner, Keith Schmidt, with his trophy.