Emily Linke

Emily has  been a member of the Australasian Branch of IAATI since 2004 and a member of the Branch Committee since 2008. In 2014 she stepped up to take on the role of Vice President and also enthusiastically volunteered to take on one of the biggest challenges a member can do - volunteer to be the chair the Onsite Seminar Committee for our Annual Seminar. 

As a committee member and Vice President Emily has been assisted in the coordination  and running of past seminars and been responsible managing our Branch Awards program.

Emily fought hard during committee discussions to win the right for Perth to host the 2015 Seminar and has continued to work hard to ensure the 2015 seminar is a success.  Part of the reason for convincing the Committee they should take the gamble and hold our first ever Annual seminar is Perth, was her previous successes in coordinating two smaller IAATI training days in Perth in 2009 and 2010.

Emily was not happy in just securing the rights to host the seminar in Perth, but she wanted to make it a great seminar and was insistent that we should include in the program some hands on, small group workshops.  As you know this has been achieved and we are looking forward to a really informative and interesting day on Wednesday 25 March. 

As part of the work organising the seminar Emily has:

  • Coordinated a team of team of local colleagues to assist with the seminar.
  • Personally visited a numerous hotels and venues, a job which was much harder this year as she also had to source two venues.  One for the classrooms sessions but also identify suitable venues for the Wednesday workshops. 
  • Been responsible for liaising will the vast majority of speakers and the vast majority of the sponsors, including doing the hard work of contacting a number of potential sponsors.
  • Actively promoted the seminar to the locals companies and tried to attract local non-members to attend their first ever IAATI seminar.

Emily is also being the true host offering to take our International President Heidi Jordan sightseeing after the seminar.

She is also willing to support IAATI wherever she can.  Not only has she been a regular attendee and a financial sponsor of this and past IAATI seminars, but she has supported her staff and colleagues to actively participate in the Association including attending seminars, the IAATI Certification Program and the Awards program.

She has achieved all of this while juggling the responsibilities of running her own business and a team of staff,  as well as the responsibilities of being a first time mother of a young son.

Emily Linke with IAATI’s International President Heidi Jordan