2024 IAATI/WRC Call for Award Nominations

The Western Regional Chapter of IAATI is once again recognizing law enforcement personnel, insurance industry representatives, and individuals and organizations from private industry for their exemplary work in the past year to combat vehicle-related crimes within the Western Region.  Awards will be presented at the 71st Annual International Association of Auto Theft Investigators Vehicle Crimes Training Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, for those recipients in attendance.  (More information on the IAATI Conference can be found at www.iaati.org )

Awards for 2022 activity as follows:

• WRC IAATI “Lee S. Cole” Officer of the Year Award”:  Presented to a member of the law enforcement community who has demonstrated exceptional performance in auto theft prevention and investigation. The award is restricted to active law enforcement personnel who are members in good standing of the Western Regional Chapter of IAATI. The award consists of a plaque and payment of the registration fee for the yearly Seminar. A $500.00 cash stipend can be applied to assist with the recipient’s expenses to attend the Annual Seminar (hotel/travel/etc.) where the award will be presented.

• WRC IAATI “Executive Board Achievement of Excellence Award”:  The award is intended to honor a unit, team or organization who have distinguished themselves in a multi-disciplined motor vehicle crime investigation or through their unparalleled support in combating motor vehicle crimes through public education efforts or financial support of an organization undertaking such investigations.  (This award was last presented in 2021 to the Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force)

• WRC IAATI “Gary Labb Memorial Communications Award”: This distinguished award is for individuals who, in addition to regular duties, make extraordinary efforts to provide training or information to law enforcement and insurance investigators.  (This award was last presented in 2021 to Nancy Temporado – Arizona)

• WRC IAATI President’s Award: The award is presented by the Western Regional Chapter President to recognize an individual who has provided exemplary support or service to the Western Regional Chapter of IAATI

The Western Regional Chapter Board encourages law enforcement supervisors, task force supervisors, and insurance SIU Managers to nominate deserving personnel for their efforts in 2022.  Nomination documents should contain individuals/unit’s name, agency/organization, contact info and a summary of the activities deserving of recognition. (Summary should be in a narrative format and not copies of reports).

Nomination documents should be submitted electronically to WRC-IAATI Secretary Dennis Frias at wrc.iaati@gmail.org No Later Than June 15, 2023. Nominating individual should also provide contact information for any needed follow up information.

Questions or more information can be obtained from WRC Secretary at above listed email or phone (702)583-4985.