Clyde Oliver Award

The Midwest Motor Vehicle Theft Conference was initiated in 1964 by Captain Clyde W. Oliver Jr., of the Illinois State Police.

Originally this conference was only for members of his unit, the Vehicle Identification Bureau of the Illinois State Police. However, as word got out about the educational value of the conference, other police agencies requested to attend. What started out as a small group of Illinois State Police Officers grew until it became too difficult for one agency to host the conference year after year.

With the encouragement and guidance of Captain Oliver, a group of officers petitioned the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, for permission to charter a chapter. In 1972 the North Central Regional Chapter of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators was born.

The Clyde W. Oliver Jr. Award was established in 1990 to honor the loyalty, leadership, perseverance, and dedication of our founding father. This award can be presented to any North Central Regional Chapter member who has given outstanding service, leadership, and dedication to the organization. Although the award is offered each year, it is not necessary to have a recipient.

Past recipients are:

  H. Lee Ballard, Ford Motor Company
  Linda Baumann, National Insurance Crime Bureau
  G. J. (Skip) Copeland, Marion County, IN., Sheriffs Department
  Glenn Ebersold
  Connie Golemba, AAA of Michigan
  Billy Hacker, Milwaukee Police Department
  Kenneth P. Hawcott, Iowa State Patrol
  Stan Lutz, Genesee Auto Theft Investigative Network
  Dennis Meyer, Illinois State Police
  Barb Rambo, National Insurance Crime Bureau
  Bryan Reed, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
  Steven Reid, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
  George Schemenauer, Berrian County Sheriff’s Department
  Ken Schimnoski, Retired Michigan State Police, AAA of Michigan
  Michael Schlomas, Illinois State Police
  Paul Seiler, Chicago Police Department
  Peter Simet, Milwaukee Police Department
  Edward Skworch, National Auto Theft Bureau
  Lee Starr, Chicago Police Department
  Alan Theobald, Nebraska State Patrol
  Robert Vogt, AAA
  Glenn Wheeler, State Farm Insurance Company
  Cheryl Zofkie, National Insurance Crime Bureau

The chairman of the nominating committee is Steve Reid.

Nominations may be mailed to:

NCRC/IAATI, P.O. Box 375,Eden, Wisconsin 53019-0375

Entries may also be

Entries should be submitted before April 1st for that year.