Bob Sattler Award

In 1960, Robert Sattler, of the National Auto Theft Bureau, became the first primary instructor to the Illinois State Police, Vehicle Identification Unit. Robert’s close friend, Clyde Oliver arranged for and administered the seminar.

News of the seminar soon spread to other law enforcement agencies who requested the opportunity to attend. The numbers of requests for attendance soon became too large for one agency to accommodate. Other law enforcement agencies agreed to host the annual seminars. From this group, the Midwest Auto Theft Association was organized. Shortly thereafter, a petition to the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators gave birth to the North Central Regional Chapter.

The excellence in training first offered by Robert Sattler provides the basis for the North Central Regional Chapter seminars and prompted the creation of this award to memorialize the dedication and commitment of Robert Sattler.

Nominees for this award must have performed an investigation in a superior manner and the results must have had a significant impact on auto theft and/or related crimes. Nominees may be from law enforcement, the insurance industry, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, vehicle manufacturers or others who have the common interests of the North Central Regional Chapter as their guiding principals and must be a member(s) in the Chapter. Nominees may be an individual or a unit.

Past recipients of the Robert Sattler award are:

  The Sattler Family

  Det. Chris Omodt

  Det. Constable Tracy Dobbin

  Det. Sgt. James Coleman  


  Hennepin County Sheriff’s Dept.

  Inv. Gene True - Nebraska State Patrol

  Macomb County Auto Theft Squad, Michigan

  Margaret A. Scott

  Michigan State Police

  Oakland County Michigan - Prosecutor’s Office

  Ontario Provincial Police

  SA Andy Thomure - FBI

  SA Michael Sackett

  SA Jesse Stoker - ICE/Homeland Security

  SA Vern Foughty - NICB (retired)

  Sgt. Dave Merrill - Missouri Highway Patrol  

  Tri-County Auto Theft (IL)

  Western Wayne Auto Theft Unit, Michigan

  Detective Chad Duckson, Coon Rapids, MN

Requests for consideration should be accompanied by supporting documentation and submitted no later than March 1 preceding the North Central Regional Chapter seminar.