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IAATI UK (The United Kingdom Branch of IAATI), formed in 2001 is a strategic player in the vehicle crime arena and works with law enforcement agencies and industry tackling organised vehicle crime. IAATI UK has purposefully positioned itself in this arena with trusted organisations who are service providers in intelligence, enforcement, prevention, and disruption activities. We aim to make the work of the vehicle criminal harder, and ultimately, denying them the use of the road. This brings together, Government Agencies, Policing, Local Authorities, Insurers, Manufacturers and After Market suppliers, all playing a part in achieving a reduction in Vehicle Crime. Hence our long term moto  “A Partnership Approach to Vehicle Crime.”

We recognise that ‘traditional’ vehicle crime, such as theft of or from vehicles is no longer regarded as a policing priority by most forces. However, the use of vehicles in acquisitive crimes, such as burglary, supporting serious and organised crime, and potential links to terrorist offences cannot be overlooked.  Electronic theft methods are increasingly being employed by Organised Criminal Gangs and the industry and vehicle security suppliers are working hard to combat this serious threat.

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President's Message     

Dear Members,

I hope everyone is well and still taking in our successful international vehicle crime conference in Glasgow. If you were not able to attend, we’re sorry you missed a magnificent event!

The on-site committee for the 67th conference was the UK Branch Board. I thank you all for your hard work leading up to and during the event.

  • Iain McKinlay
  • John O’Byrne
  • Paul Harrison
  • Darren Faulds
  • Hannah Chowdhury
  • Simon Ashton
  • Ken German
  • David Northey
  • Martyn Huntley
  • Richie Gamble
  • Justin Powell

I would also like to thank all the Supporters who enabled the conference to take place. Without their financial support and demonstration of possible solutions, this conference would not have been the success that it was. The exhibitors’ area of the conference was a popular one with attendees and we very much appreciated your presence.

And finally, a huge thank you to the speakers and presenters who travelled from far-away places to share their knowledge and expertise with the attendees. You all did a fantastic job.

May I introduce the new board:

  • Chris Elliott (NFU Ret)
  • David Crilly (JLR Ret)
  • Darren Faulds (Police Scotland)
  • Hannah Chowdhury
  • Paul Harrison
  • Iain McKinlay
  • Simon Ashton
  • Ken German
  • Martyn Huntley
  • Richie Gamble

Rest assured that the new Board will be working hard to make the next UK conference as interesting and successful as this year’s International event.

We shall also work on some other ideas to provide each of you with as much value for your money as we can. Your ideas and suggestions for events, knowledge transfer and communications are welcomed.

Working with Police forces around the UK and Ireland as well as insurers I’m sure we can cover a lot of questions and find potential solutions.

Please ask if there is anything you as a member would like to see and learn about. You do not have to be a Board member to help and assist to make IAATI into the conduit of knowledge and cooperation that it can be.

Thank you and all the best!

Mike Briggs
IAATI UK Branch President


Our social media sites

IAATI UK has a very active Facebook page with up to date vehicle crime news on it. Our most effective weapon to combat all types of vehicle theft not only cars but motor cycles, heavy equipment, plant and so on is cooperation.This is a closed group, access to the group is for IAATI members, retired or serving law enforcement personnel.






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