IAATI United Kingdom Branch History

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) is the organisation for professionals involved in the prevention and detection of vehicle crime.

The membership is made up of:

  • law enforcement officers,

  • vehicle manufacturers,

  • insurance companies,

  • government officials,

  • private investigators and others who prevent and investigate vehicle crime.


Our most effective weapon to combat car crime related offences is co-operation between all parties.

The United Kingdom Branch of IAATI (IAATI UK) was formed and received its charter in 2001.  The founding members saw the opportunity to serve the needs of those people engaged in the prevention and detection of vehicle crime.

The IAATI UK  includes the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Members of the UK Branch are automatically members of the world wide IAATI association.

Through vehicle crime training and communication in vehicle theft techniques IAATI provides the resources required to fight against vehicle theft, to influence vehicle security, prevent vehicle thefts and increase detections of those involved in vehicle crime. IAATI has established training courses to help educate our members in the identification of stolen vehicles and the methods used by the criminal fraternity to steal them.

For members only, we have a forum to exchange knowledge, to ask other members for advice or assistance or to start a discussion about subjects related to vehicle crime.

What we do for you ...

Through autocrime training and networking IAATI UK members help to fight vehicle crime. The work of IAATI UK members help ensure your car remains safe.

From the installed anti theft security system, vehicle tracking device or other vehicle theft protection methods, down to the vehicle stop by the police – IAATI members are involved.

IAATI members also help reduce the number of ringed or cloned vehicles on the road, all of which helps prevent you from buying a stolen car and reduces your car insurance.

IAATI members recover stolen vehicles which they identify daily using many autocrime methods and techniques.