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Dear Prospective Member,

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) Southern African Branch would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join the Association.

IAATI is dedicated to developing and encouraging the highest professional standards of conduct among vehicle crime investigators and strives to eliminate all factors interfering with the administration of the vehicle crime suppression effort. Our most effective weapon to combat vehicle crime is cooperation. IAATI has actively pursued this by providing its members with an unsurpassed array of experience, training and resources in areas such as technical developments, trends, information and investigative assistance. Through IAATI we are able to pool our resources in order to achieve our common interest, and better serve our communities.

The IAATI was formed in 1952 in order to improve communication and coordination among the growing family of professional auto theft investigators. It has grown to over 4,900 members representing over 43 countries and includes representatives of law enforcement agencies, as well as many others with a legitimate interest in vehicle crime investigation, prevention and education.

We recognise that just as law enforcement agencies cannot successfully function independently of one another, our membership also includes the insurance industry, The South African Department of Transport, automobile manufacturers, car rental companies and of course The South African Insurance Crime Bureau, the National Insurance Crime Bureau in the USA and its sister agencies in Canada and Europe.

In spite of the extent of the vehicle crime problem, many agencies and companies are not able to maintain a fully supported vehicle crime investigative effort. IAATI, through its membership, can provide support and assistance to investigators whose resources may be otherwise limited. In addition to the various training opportunities and membership identification items, each member receives access to a full roster of IAATI members worldwide, providing instant access to information and assistance on virtually any vehicle crime-related issue. Each member also receives the news magazine, the APB electronically, which contains updates on vehicle crime issues, current court decisions pertaining to vehicle crime, and upcoming training information.

IAATI can also be found on the Internet. The home page is located at and and contains the latest seminar and training information as well as direct mail links to board members.

The international Branch of IAATI conducts an annual international weeklong training seminar offering the latest information on vehicle crime investigation, motor vehicle identification, and current technology. IAATI chapters and branches throughout the world offer annual training seminars on a more local level as well as assisting with regional issues and problems. Members also have access to information pertaining to training that is offered by various agencies and organisations that are represented in IAATI.

New Member - Private Sector Dues are R600.00 (R350 joining fee + R250 Annual Subscription)
New Member - Law Enforcement R200.00 for New and Renewals

Important Notice:
You will receive an invoice to your nominated email address for payment. Please use the online payment facility for payment:
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Please complete the following online membership application by clicking >> Online Membership Application / Renewal Form and we will revert to you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

IAATI SAB Management