No Regrets

On this page you will find all the material and resources relating to IAATI's 'No Regrets - Lock it or Lose it!' Campaign launched for Vehicle Theft Reduction Month in July 2021.

In the first document your will find a brief explanation of the campaign and the package.  It also contains asample media release, a sample Verbiage for social media,a sample proclamation verbiage and a range of social media adverts in formats suitable for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.  If you require Photoshop versions of the adverts to include another organization's logo, please contact Paul Thomas, 

You are encouraged to use and share this information as widely as possible, including to law enforcement, insurers, registration authority's and any other organization that is helping to reduce vehicle crime. Other organizations are welcome to use the material and to add their logos to the adverts as long as they also leave the IAATI logo attached.

Please consider posting the adverts on your social media pages, in your email signature blocks, etc.

Branch and Chapters are encourged to take the sample media release and insert their own local statistics and quotes from their local officers.