What Missouri Could Learn From A $1 Fee Michigan Charges To Fight Car Theft

Auto theft is up 20 percent in the last year in Kansas City. It’s the only property crime on the rise nationwide. So what can you do?

In a few states, they charge you a little more for your auto insurance to pay for more cops and prosecutors.

Michigan is one of those states. For years, it was the stolen car capital of America.

"It's not just the stealing of automobiles. There's fraud that's behind it. There's major crimes, there's so many different aspects to auto thefts," says Michael Johnson, an inspector from the Michigan State Police. He runs something called the Auto Theft Prevention Authority (ATPA). "The four main functions of our prevention authority investigation, apprehension, prosecution and prevention," he says.

In the last ten years, auto thefts in Michigan have decreased 60 percent, according to ATPA data.

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