Vulnerability in Tesla Model X allows car theft in minutes

All a burglar needs is a few minutes and a small set of hardware worth about $300.

Lennert Wouters, a security researcher at KU Leuven, a Belgian university, discovered numerous vulnerabilities in Tesla Model X that make it possible to steal a car easily and quickly.

According to him, Wouters found many security vulnerabilities in both Tesla Model X and its panels. He plans to present all his findings at the Real World conference in January, but has already reported on some of them.

The researcher assures that hackers can steal Model X in just a few minutes. He noted that he warned the company back in August, and this week Tesla is to release special software updates that will make hacking impossible.

In order to break into a car, the thief must read the identification number of the car, which is usually visible on the dashboard through the windshield, as well as a distance of about 4 meters from the victim’s key chain.

The intruder needs a set of hardware worth about 300 dollars. This is a Model X case management module, a disassembled key chain, a mini-computer Raspberry Pi and a battery.

With this set, the hacker can pull out a special radio code to unlock the car, and then connect your fake keychain to the Tesla, making the machine perceive it as real. This works at a distance of up to 50 feet.

Wouters stressed that the car has everything you need to stop him from implementing this kind of plot – the developer just has to close a few loopholes with software updates for the car and the keychain.