Vehicle Theft in India is the Fastest Growing Type of Crime in India

ehicle theft has become a serious problem in India and the crime is growing at an excellent rate. And it is increasing in both the rural as well as urban regions alike. The major reason for this is drivers don’t have access to anti-theft technologies. In the residential areas, people don’t have enough space to park their vehicles inside their house which has been playing a crucial role in increasing the number of vehicle thefts in India. Various reports have highlighted that the small vehicles are at a high risk of getting stolen than the large vehicles as they are easy to commute to different places by the criminals.

In urban areas, drivers have been using GPS tracking devices under their vehicles which helps the police officers to track them after they get stolen. The use of GPSWOX GPS Tracking devices has increased significantly by drivers living in urban areas. Whereas in the rural areas, the expense problem has prevented to make use of such tracking devices. Various companies have been introducing affordable devices which simply help to use anti-theft systems for the safety of vehicles.

The statistics available related to vehicle theft in Indian highlights that the number of vehicles stolen is very high and police officers only manage to recover only a small number of vehicles. After stealing vehicles, criminals follow back streets to some unknown places until they find a safe place to hide them. The criminals sell the vehicles in the neighboring nations namely, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar to get the right price. As per one report, the two-wheelers are stolen at a mass rate because it is easy to carry such vehicles than the large ones.

In order to tackle the problem, cities have started adding more parking space in order to alleviate the vehicle-theft problem. GPS tracking devices are in high use to help to track vehicles to locate them after they have been stolen.