Using Twins to Prevent Car Hacking

Car hacking continues to be a growing concern for car manufacturers and their suppliers. As the latest drafts of the new ISO 21434 international standard for automotive cybersecurity and the upcoming WP.29 regulation suggest, vendors need a lot more work surrounding the protection of the vehicles they sell to us. One recent solution developed for this problem is called Cybersecurity Digital Twins. A digital twin is a real-time, virtual replica of a physical object or a computer software process. Using simulation software, the twin can optimize the use and overall business value of the original. This is done by predicting future behavior and suggesting the best courses of action to take. However, simulating automotive software, and more specifically ECU firmware, can be a daunting task. Car subsystems vary a lot in complexity and architecture. There is a wide variety of CPU architectures, operating systems, frameworks, and flavors in use by the industry.

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