UK Car Parks With Worst Crime Rates

By: Rob Hull for

Revealed: The busy car parks with the worst crime rates and ones where your vehicle is most likely to be safe.  Analysis of the 200 most-used car parks in the England, Wales, Northern Ireland.  It revealed that an NCP facility in Covent Garden, London, has the worst record.  Some 368 motor-related crimes were reported at the postcode in 2019-2020 NCP, the UK's biggest operator, dominates the standings for poor site security.  

Crime records at 200 of the country's busiest car parks in the last year has named the locations where your vehicle is most likely to be at risk, data shows.  A review of UK crime statistics for April 2019 and March 2020 found that the NCP car park on Parker Street in Covent Garden, London, suffered the most reported cases.  With 368 crimes in total, the Covent Garden site was one of three Greater London car parks with the worst record - though Bristol parking facilities have the worst record as a whole, according to Uswitch. 

The comparison site identified the most used car parks across England, Wales and Northern Ireland - though data for Scotland was not included due to the difference in how crime is reported.  Car parks across 73 cities and towns were included in the analysis.  Crime data for car parks included five different reported offences: aggravated vehicle taking; theft from a motor vehicle; theft from a vehicle other than a motor vehicle; theft of a motor vehicle; and interference with a motor vehicle.

Figures have been provided by several leading UK car park operators and using an online database for reported crimes by unique postcode.  With more than one incidence of vehicle crime per day, Uswitch found that cars are most likely to be vulnerable at the Covent Garden car park, which is operated by National Car Parks - or NCP - in the capital.  A freedom of information request to Scotland Yard in 2018 found a total of 92 crimes were recorded at the four-storey underground car park in a year, earning the NCP facility a poor reputation for security.

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