Thefts of Catalytic converters in Sweden

Catalyst thefts are increasing in Sweden


There has been a number of reports from other countries about thefts of Catalytic converters but in our country, it has not been an issue previous years.

The first 6 months of this year, we have seen a spike in thefts. From a very low number of thefts during 2019, it exploded in 2020. From January until end of June, we have had 1099 units stolen.

This is an increase more than 1300 % comparing with all thefts of Catalytic converters 2019

Most cars are older, early 2000 until year model 2008, makes like Toyota, Mitsubishi.

Also newer transport vehicles like Renault Trafic, Master are targeted. Of 1099 thefts, there are 301 vehicles with a yearmodel 2015 and newer. 242 of them are Renault transport vehicles.

A number of Catalytic converters has been seized when leaving our country by trucks, indicate that it might be International criminals operating.


The statistics comes from Insurance Companies claims. Figures from Police database show our statistics cover about 90 % so the real theft figures are higher