Theft ring targeting Chevy tire and rims across Harris County, USA

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) --

Do you own a Chevy truck? If you do, Harris County Precinct 2 deputies say to write your name on your tires.

It sounds odd, but this simple step may prevent you from being the next target of a tire and rim theft ring. For the last 14 months, investigators say four to six men have stolen tires and rims on 31 Chevy trucks parked at homes or apartments in southeast Houston. They hit three to four residences a night and can remove the wheels in as little as two minutes -- even if there are theft prevention locks.

Detectives say it started happening more and more after Hurricane Harvey. They're not sure why, but suspect it could have something to do with reselling tires and rims to people whose trucks flooded.

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Source: ABC13