The Sun reporters ‘steal’ 10 keyless cars in seconds with legal gadget

Reporters from The Sun newspaper managed to “steal” 10 cars in moments using a legal gadget than can unlock the doors and start the engines of vehicles with digital key fobs.

With the scanner device, it took just six seconds to unlock a £12,000 Ford Focus and start the engine — while the owner watched on in horror.

Other “keyless” cars were almost as easy to steal. A Skoda Kodiaq and a Nissan Qashqai both took ten seconds to steal, while a Jaguar F-type R, Mazda 2 Sport, Renault Megane, Range Rover Velar, Hyundai Tucson and Volvo S90 took between 11 and 23 seconds. A Volkswagen Golf took the longest, according to the investigation, taking 42 seconds to get into and drive away.


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