Stolen SUV in California found hauling 192 rolls of toilet paper amid coronavirus outbreak, police s

Police in California took a wipe out of crime Tuesday after pulling over a stolen SUV and finding 192 rolls of toilet paper -- a sought-after commodity as people hoard supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Beverly Hills police posted a photo of officers searching the white SUV on social media. Two boxes stuffed with rolls of toilet paper are pictured outside the vehicle.

“Gives ‘They saw me rollin’...’ a whole new meaning,” the department wrote on Twitter.

Police arrested the driver. It was unclear whether the toilet paper was also stolen,

“The driver was arrested for several charges -- unrelated to the toilet paper,” Beverly Hills Police Lt. Elizabeth Albanese told the Los Angeles Times.

Earlier this week, a tractor-trailer carrying a load of toilet paper rolled over and burst into flames on a Texas highway. Neither the driver nor his dog was hurt. But countless rolls of toilet paper were scorched or strewn across the roadway.