South African Victims of Crime Survey 2017: Car theft, hijackings and more…

Statistics South Africa has published its annual victims of crime survey (VOCS). The survey of around 30 000 households provides details of personal experiences of crime. It also covers how thieves break into cars and what time they strike their victims. The reporting period is from April 2016 to March 2017. The report also lists its Repeat Victimisation Index (RVI).

Quick vehicle crime facts:  - Number of household crime incidents

  • Theft of motor vehicles - 42,703
  • Theft out of motor vehicle (i.e stolen items from vehicles) -  129,880
  • Motor vehicle vandalism/deliberate damage of vehicles - 31,396
  • Households that report vehicle crime - 94%
  • Vehicle related crime accounts for about 14.7% of all household crime.

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