South Africa installs remote jamming detector devices in shopping areas

New remote jamming detector devices that have been installed at crime hotspots in Bloemfontein are aimed at reducing vehicle break-ins and vehicle theft.

These anti-crime devices have been installed at The Park Shopping Centre in Langenho­venpark and the Northridge Mall, among others.

“The simple devices alert the public to possible lock-jamming activity, so that they can double check if they have properly locked their cars before walking away. The devices sound an alarm whenever they detect remote lock jamming taking place,” explains Deon van der Walt, Fidelity ADT’s branch manager for Bloemfontein and Kimberley.

“We have been installing these devices as part of a community awareness campaign in areas where there have been spikes in incidents of theft out of motor vehicles. We believe these devices will decrease or completely eliminate vehicles being stolen.”

Van der Walt says the devices are sponsored free of charge by Fidelity ADT to help curb crime.

He says that even though the devices require power for ­operation, the units do have ­batteries for backup in case of power failure.

“They use battery power and have an electrical connection to support the battery charge,” says Van der Walt.