Now Car Thieves Are Using Wildlife Cameras

Car theft has absolutely skyrocketed throughout 2020, fueled in part by the COVID-19 shutdowns. We’ve seen criminals not only get more aggressive about stealing cars from dealerships and private citizens, but also turn to more creative measures. Now a report out of the UK details out how thieves are using wildlife cameras to stalk and steal classic cars.

The scheme often starts with spotters checking out cars at local shows. When they find the make and model they need to steal, one of them will craftily hide a magnetic tracking device on the classic car. That allows them to find where the vehicle is being stored so they can then stake out that location.

That’s when these criminals will put up wildlife cameras around your property. It might sound bizarre, but these crafty individuals use the cameras to figure out when you usually come and go from your house, determining when it’s likely you’re not home but your classic car is.

This all sounds like something out of a movie, but that’s been 2020 in a nutshell. And just because this scheme is being deployed in the UK doesn’t mean it hasn’t already been put to use in North America. We’ve seen crimes tested in one area quickly spread to another, like vehicle rebirthing.

Authorities in the UK are advising classic car owners to inspect their vehicle, especially the chassis, for any magnetic tracking devices upon returning from a show. They also say owners should be on the lookout for camouflaged cameras attached to trees on their property. Installing a set of security cameras, and alarm for the garage, and a tracker on the classic car are also good ideas.