Lille, FRANCE: dismantling of a car theft network by electronic piracy

Fifteen people were indicted. They are suspected of stealing at least 65 vehicles "by using electronic hacking of lock and immobilizer devices".

Fifteen people were indicted in Lille, suspected of stealing at least 65 cars by hacking their electronic system before selling them in the south of France and the Swiss border, said Saturday the gendarmerie.

The suspects, mostly domiciled in the Lille metropolis, allegedly stole very recent Peugeot and Renault vehicles "without key or burglar, using electronic piracy of locking and immobilizer devices", according to a press release. Lille, who led the investigations with the urban safety of Lille. According to the investigators, the cars were then parked for several days on public roads in France or in Belgium, "the time that the authors ensure the effective neutralization of the possible devices of geolocation, before being stored in hangars located in the North and in the Pas-de-Calais and to be completely made up ".

Cars sold in other regions
Network members installed new electronic boxes with blank keys, changed serial numbers, and used stolen gray card forms to dispose of vehicles in other areas, including southern France and the Swiss border. . Of the 22 people arrested on Monday, fifteen were indicted by an investigating judge of the interregional specialized jurisdiction of Lille for robbery and concealment in organized gangs and criminal conspiracy.

Four were placed in pre-trial detention, eleven under judicial supervision.