International auto theft racket wrecked

Polish law enforcement agencies in cooperation with officials from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany, recovered vehicles stolen across Europe, worth nearly PLN 2.3 million (EUR 537,050).

Overall 51 suspects have been arrested including the alleged gang leader, Polish police states. Their loot includes used expensive cars, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery.

The detainees include communication department officials and tax office employees, who are suspected of participating in the legalisation of vehicles in Poland.

According to police officers, vehicles were stolen between the years 2012 and 2017, mainly in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Finland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Sweden was particularly important. In Gothenburg [south-west Sweden], the suspects established a “logistics center”. In the rented halls they collected stolen cars, and then depending on the reported demand in Poland, they sent the vehicles as loads on trucks.

The gang stole lorries too.

After registration, the cars were sold both in Poland and abroad. Some vehicles were also used to extort leasing.

The investigation is being supervised by District Prosecutor’s Office in Płock, central Poland.