Increase in vehicle stolen while left running or with keys inside.

Each week we seeking more news reports about the increasing number of vehicles that are being stolen with they keys inside or left unattended with their engines running.  

Here is another such report from Atlanta, GA, where "According to police records, the final week of December 2020 saw that 80% of all stolen vehicles were taken while the vehicles were left running or had spare keys inside of the vehicle.

As for the onset of 2021, police officials say there’s already been a 40% increase in car thefts this year.

And with regard to car thefts that have transpired thus far in 2021, police say 67% of said stolen vehicles were, once again, instances where the car was left running or there were keys inside of the vehicle."

How can law enforcement agencies and governments be expected to protect people from not only vehicle theft ,but the range of crimes that criminals comment with stolen vehicles, if owners won't take even the basic precautions to prevent vehicle theft.

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