Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2019 - Upstream Security

The attached document is a cybersecurity focused report published by the security firm Upstream Security. The report covers specific types of cyber-attacks the automotive industry has experienced, popularity factors in types of attack vectors used (servers 21.4% - keyless entry 17.8%), the most target sectors (OEMs followed by Tier 1 Companies), and overall impact the incidents have had on various stakeholders (Unauthorized control over car systems 27.6% - car theft 21.9%). Additionally the report offers future analysis for 2019 and the potential solutions being deployed to mitigate potential risks. While the report primarily focuses on the automotive industry, due of the ever evolving interconnectedness across the transportation ecosystem and multi-modal introduction to “smart mobility” the document would prove useful for any transportation mode that looks to expand and protect their digital assets. 

Within the document is an incredibly insightful database that documents over 170 cyber incidents since November 2010 – the incidents cover the target company, attack vector used, damage done, and how the attack was achieved. The information can be found at the following link: