Dallas Police Uncover Biggest ‘Chop Shop’ In Last Decade Seizing 3 Dozen Stolen And Stripped GM Vehi

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police officers seized remnants of 36 stolen General Motors vehicles after a raid on what the department calls the biggest chop shop uncovered in a decade.

It took 20 wreckers to remove all of the vehicle frames and parts that were found on property behind a barber shop in the 400 block of East Saner in West Dallas.

Police also found circular saw blades where its believed stolen vehicles were brought before they were cut up and sold for parts.

Dallas Police shared video of some of the frames of GM trucks and SUVs that were identified as stolen and towed to the Dallas Police auto pound.

Officers also found 23 license plates of other stolen vehicles.

CBS 11 found workers cleaning up the property where some auto parts are still scattered on the ground.

Police said the property owner told them the lot was leased to someone else who is under investigation.

There have been no arrests in this case.

Dallas Police say a building described as a barbershop in front disguised what was going on in the back.

“It appeared that it was a commercial business somewhat disguised as a barbershop it was inside the chain link fence that was tarped, so you couldn’t really see from the outside,” said Dallas Police Sgt. Warren Mitchell.

Dallas Police said this raid is part of its summer crime crackdown.

Source: https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/06/18/dallas-police-chop-shop-seizing-stolen-stripped-gm-vehicles/