Connected Car Report 2020: The Models Most Open To Hacks

“Connected Car Report 2020: The Models Most Open To Hacks," finds all of Car and Driver’s top 10 best-selling cars for 2020 clearly have features that allow wireless connectivity with safety critical systems and no known way to disconnect those systems. This leaves the vehicles vulnerable to an unprecedented, large-scale hack. To prepare the report, Consumer Watchdog reviewed technical specifications and surveyed dozens of sales departments and service technicians at major car manufacturers. The group demonstrated a hack of a Tesla and found Tesla was the “The Most Hackable Car.”

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Please note the following responses to this report: 

Auto-ISAC Analyst Comment: Though modern vehicles offer numerous connectivity options, a ”large-scale hack” exploiting wireless features on vehicles is unlikely. The Auto-ISAC, SAE, ISO, and many other organizations have developed resources such as best practices, standards, training, and others to support automakers’ development of secure and reliable vehicles.

Ford Comment: There are numerous defense-in-depth layers between safety critical systems and the telematics components and backend connectivity for the vehicle.  Wireless interfaces do not have direct access to these safety critical systems despite what this article assumes.