Car-theft gadgets still being sold on Amazon and eBay for £100

The online giants have been urged to take the devices down to stop promoting car theft.

Gadgets that can be used to steal vehicles in a matter of seconds are being sold online for as little as £100.

Internet sites, Amazon and eBay are selling the hacking devices which allow a user to reprogramme a blank key fob so it can start a car's ignition.

Other items such as lock picks are also available to buy online.

The web retailers have come under attack from a crime commissioner who accused them of being "irresponsible" and said they should be taken offline.

Police chiefs say car theft, which has almost doubled in some areas in the country, has become "child's play". More than 86,000 cars were stolen in 2016 – 30 per cent more than in 2013.

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