BlackVue dashcams share cars’ mapped GPS locations, stream video feeds and audio

No privacy by design. Thanks to default cloud settings, BlackVue dashcam customers may be live-streaming video and audio from their vehicles, as well as having their location mapped.

Blackvue Dashcam

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Just as some people are unknowingly streaming live video from security cams in their homes, some are also unknowingly live-streaming video from their cars. They have made the video feed from their front and rear dashcams, as well as the mapped GPS location of the vehicle – the speed it is going or if it is parked – and even audio from inside the vehicle, available to the public.

BlackVue comes with a Cloud Viewer which allows owners to see a live view of their car. However, thanks to a sketchy registration process, that live view is available to the public. Users are opted-in by default to share the precise GPS location of their vehicles on a map, as well as a stream live video feeds of the front and rear cameras.

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