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Second hand car buyers could be tracked ... by the previous owner

An IBM security researcher has warned that previous car owners can easily maintain data connections to their cars after they have been sold, allowing them to monitor the new owners and carry out remote control functions such as locking and unlocking the car doors. Charles Henderson, the leader of X-Force Red, IBM’s security testing group, stumbled across the phenomenon by chance when selling his car. He noticed that not only did he have…

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How a Tesla can be stolen

Tesla is far ahead in the track when it comes to technology. They were also quick with an app that gives the owner of the vehicle a number option. Among other things it can be used to turn on and off lights, lock the vehicle and locate the vehicle. Tesla’s cars are also equipped with its own SIM card and is connected to the internet. How can inter alia provide wireless updates of the car along the way. Taking control with an app But all…