The Northeast Regional Chapter was formed and received its charter from IAATI on January 24, 1972. The founding charter members in their wisdom saw the present and future need of an organization, which would serve those persons involved in the field of vehicle theft investigation in the northeastern USA, and the eastern part of Canada. The high population density and the proximity of the International border dictated the need for establishing a separate chapter to handle the unique problems prevalent in this geographical area of the North American continent.

The concept, based on the philosophy of IAATI, is to provide unhindered assistance, expeditiously, by a group of well-trained, dedicated vehicle theft investigators regardless of location in any state or province on either side of the border.

Our continuing gratitude must be given to these farsighted individuals who have continued to provide a steadfastness of purpose to our organization. Indeed their names should be noted in this manual. The charter members of the NE-IAATI are:

  • Harry J. Brady, Sr. (Deceased)
  • George J. Acker (Deceased)
  • Herbert L. Burr
  • Angelo J. Carcaci
  • Joseph M. Carroll (Deceased)
  • Carl J. Catalano (Deceased)
  • Edward T. Cox
  • John J. Scarisbrick, Jr. (Deceased)
  • William D. Schumann
  • Lawrence J. Troiano

This is the basic philosophy that has been carried through consistently since that time and it is the philosophy that can carry this association into the future.