IAATI European Branch History

IAATI is the International Association of Auto Theft  Investigators. This association was founded in the USA in 1952. Since 1989 we have an European Branch (EB-IAATI) with members from 30 countries.

The membership is made up from representatives of serving and retired police-officers, custom officers, insurance companies and their investigators, vehicle rental companies, car leasing companies, members of the vehicle licensing organizations, vehicle manufacturers, lawyers and many others with a legitimate professional interest in vehicle investigation, prevention and education.

IAATI's Membership Benefits

In addition to the various training opportunities and membership identification items, each member receives access to IAATI's worldwide membership database, where he (or she) will be able to obtain information and assistance on virtually any auto theft related problem. In addition each member receives our quarterly news magazine, the APB, which contains updates on vehicle theft issues, current court decisions pertaining to auto theft and upcoming training information. Also IAATI publishes our electronic news letter/ Auto theft today.

For members only we have our forum meant to exchange knowledge, to ask other members for advice or assistance and to start a discussion forum about subjects related to vehicle crime or other subjects of interest for IAATI members. Members of the European Branch are automatically members of the world wide IAATI association.

The organization is run by the board of directors, who are elected from and by the members. 

Every year, at the seminar, an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is organized where all members can vote for the members of next year’s board, including the President. The president can be re-elected once. Other board members can be re-elected as long as they volunteer for the job. Within the board, committees have been formed for subjects like finance, membership,  sponsoring, etc. Each year a seminar is organized by the seminar committee, in cooperation with a committee that is formed locally in the country where seminar will be held that year. Apart from the seminar for the members of the European branch, a so called “International Seminar” is organized every year.

Members are free to put items on the agenda for the next AGM. Members can – at least a month in advance – send their proposals to the executive director.