IAATI European Branch

Dear members,

We are organizing a webinar March 8,2023.

Subject of the webinar: Overcoming electronic security systems in modern cars

Speaker: Juan Luis Torres

This webinar will be from 2.00 PM ( 14.00) until 4.00 PM ( 16.00) Amsterdam time.

We hope you will attend.

Use the link below:


Please  confirm your attendance to ukraned3@live.nl ( Hans Kooijman)

Best regards

IAATI-EB interim board ( Ron Vermeulen, Jari Tiainen, Andreas Koeck, Hans Kooijman)


Dear European members of IAATI,

Let me start with to inform you about the current situation of IAATI-European Branch. We are busy with te incorporation formalities. We hope this will be realized and finished soon.
IAATI European Branch will be establised in Maastricht, the Netherlands. We will keep you posted about the developments. In the meantime we are not sitting still.

March 8,2023, at 14.00 o’clock ( 2 AM) Amsterdam Time there will be a webinar.
Put the date and time in your agenda.
Details about the subject and speaker will follow soon !

In Q4 we organize our annual seminar and AGM. Where and when that has yet to be determined. For the organization of the seminar we need members who want to joint he Seminar & Sponsors Committee.

The tasks of that committee are, among other things:
- To find a country and place for the seminar 2023
- To find a good and affordable venue
- To find sponsors
- To find interesting speakers
- To put together an interesting seminar program.

If you are interested please send a message as soon as possible to ukraned3@live.nl

May 31,2023 and June 1,2023 there will be an Interpol Conference at Interpol Headquarters in Lyon. Attendance will be allowed only via special invitation from Interpol.

If you have interesting information or a practical experience which you want to share with the members in Europe or wherever in the world please send it to ukraned3@live.nl so it can be forwarded to the editors of the APB and Vehicle Crime Today.

Regards, on behalf of the Interim board of IAATI European Branch.
( Ron Vermeulen, Andreas Koeck, Jari Tiainen, Hans Kooijman )


There are persons or companies who are contacting persons or companies from whom the car has been stolen. One of them is a company Automedia Communications. They call themself an Ethical Tracking Organization and use the name IAATI/Automedia Com. and tell the owner of the vehicle that they know where stolen vehicle is. They then require the owner to pay 375 Euro’s first to get the location and they do not receive any information that he/she can check. They say this amount is the IAATI compensation that first has to be paid. They are abusing the name of IAATI !!!! 

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) was formed in 1952 in order to improve communication and coordination among the growing family of professional auto theft investigators. It has grown to over 2,000 members representing 58 countries and includes representatives of law enforcement agencies, as well as many others with a legitimate interest in auto theft investigation, prevention and education. We recognize that, just as law enforcement agencies cannot successfully function independent of one another, auto theft investigation requires the active participation of the private sector; therefore, our membership also includes the insurance industry, automobile manufacturers, car rental companies and, of course and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Our most effective weapon to combat the crime of auto theft is cooperation. IAATI has actively pursued this by providing its members with an unsurpassed array of experience, training and resources in areas such as technical developments, trends, intelligence information and investigative assistance. Through IAATI we are able to pool our resources in order to achieve our common interests, and better serve our communities.

European Branch is a nonprofit organization, managed by volunteers from public institutions and private industries. Today we have 120+ members across Europe and UK who are engaged every day in the fight against vehicle crime.

The interim board and committees will work towards and by 2023 to achieve the following goals
- Establishment of the organization, finance and administration
- Connect legally the European Branch with International
- Two training webinars in the first half of the year and a seminar in the fall.
- Campaigns to recruit more members in law enforcement, governmental institutions and automobile manufactures.
- Have at the end of 2023 our values for Europe clear for the future.

Kind Regards,

Interim board and committees