Master Certification

An Overview:

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) has recognized a need for an accepted method and standard of evaluating the qualifications of individuals who are conducting Auto Theft Investigations. Investigators who testify in court as “Experts” have an equal need and interest in establishing their credentials.


Certification Program Objectives:   

  • Recognize qualified Auto Theft Investigators   
  • Serve as an International Registry for identifying qualified investigators   
  • Promote excellence in training, education and conducting Auto Theft Investigations   
  • Provide a system by which equally qualified investigators will have an immediate acceptance as “Experts.”


Who is Eligible:

Any active member of IAATI, who is certified as an Advanced Auto Theft Investigator (Level II), who has completed the application and scores a minimum of 300 points (see application for scoring standards). All applications are screened and information verified before a certificate is issued. Failure to maintain active IAATI membership will result in revocation of certification.  

What does the exam consist of: The exam is 100 questions. The exam will test your knowledge from Eric Stauffer and Monica Bonfanti Forensic Investigation of Stolen Recovered and Other Crime‐Related Vehicles Academic Press, Oxford, UK 2006.  

The application and exam material can be downloaded from the Certification Resources page on this website. 


How do I take the exam:   

IAATI has partnered up with the National Insurance Crime Training Academy (NICTA) to provide on‐line testing. The site can be accessed at The cost of the test is $55.00.  

Once the test is taken online you can mail a copy of your score and the completed application. Once that is received a certificate will be mailed to you.   


Please make all inquiries and send all completed applications and test scores to the following:

         Executive Director John V. Abounader
         IAATI Executive Offices 
         PO Box 223 Clinton, NY   13323‐0223 
         Office: 315-853-1913