IAATI Presidents Award

Nominations Deadline: May 01, 2018

All nominations should be sent to: Executive Director PO Box 223, Clinton, NY 13323-0223 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

This award was created in 1985. It is intended for the President of IAATI to honor any members who have distinguished themselves by giving extraordinary service to IAATI.

Award Recipients

Name or Group
Torbjorn Serrander - Larmtjanst
John Paskan - NICB
Reg Phillips
Paul Thomas-South Australian Attorney General’s Dep
John Abounader

For his Service to IAATI, Executive Director John Abounader receiving the President’s Award from President Todd Blair.

Daniel Beck

LatAm Branch President, Daniel Beck, received the President’s Award from President Heidi Jordan for his outstanding work and tireless dedication to IAATI and to his Branch. Through his efforts, the number of members and countries represented within his branch grows every day,

Presidente de rama, Daniel Beck, recibiendo el premio del Presidente de Presidente Heidi Jordan por su destacada labor y dedicación incansable a IAATI y a su rama. A través de sus esfuerzos, el número de miembros y países representados dentro de su rama crece día a día, un crecimiento que no ocurrirían sin su guía y liderazgo. 

Kat Anderson - SPATTF

The award was created in 1985. It is intended for the President of IAATI to honor any members who have distinguished themselves by giving extraordinary service to IAATI. The 2014 award was presented to Kat Anderson. Kat has worked at the South Plains Auto Theft Task Force in Lubbock, Texas USA since 1998 and is currently the Treasurer of SCRC.

Paul Thomas - South Australian Attorney General’s Dep

Paul Thomas (right) receiving the 2013 President's Award from International President John O'Byrne.

Joey Canady, HEART of Texas ATTF
Brian Salata, Arizona Automobile Theft Authority
John V. Abounader, NYS DMV Auto Theft Unit
Patrick Clancy, LOJACK

(left) IAATI President Christopher McDonold and Pat Clancy

Pat Clancy – Pat is Vice President of Law Enforcement for LoJack and has been a staunch supporter of IAATI for 25 years. I’ve known Pat since 1996 and consider myself fortunate to have known Pat as a friend and colleague. Over the years Pat has seen the many changes in auto theft and has realized that developing and continuing a true partnership with IAATI is invaluable. The relationship between LoJack and IAATI has been much appreciated over the years and is largely due to Pat’s dedication and perseverance. As a result, I awarded Pat Clancy of LoJack the President’s Award because of his personal and professional efforts over the years.

Mark Bennedick, Australasian Branch of IAATI

(left) IAATI President Christopher McDonold and Mark Bennedick

Mark Bennedick – Mark works for Suncorp Insurance in Brisbane, Australia, currently serves as President of IAATI’s Australian Branch and is also a director on the IAATI board. Over the years, Mark has been instrumental in the continued success and growth of the Australian Branch. He played a vital role in the success of the IAATI conference held in Sydney in 2008 and also has spearheaded the chapter’s continued expansion by coordinating the upcoming conference to be held in Taipei. He also took on the role of chair of the certifi cation committee and is currently working on improving and updating the certifi cation information and process. I awarded Mark Bennedick of Suncorp Insurance the President’s Award because of his vision and contribution to the continued success of the Australian Branch and of IAATI. Both Pat and Mark unselfi shly dedicate their time and expertise for the continued success of IAATI. Many times, people who toil behind the scenes don’t do it for the recognition but simply because they see the need and step up. Over the years it has been a pleasure to work with both gentlemen. I admire their efforts and appreciate their friendship. Please join me in congratulating them on their well deserved recognition.

Alan Taylor, For Extraordinary Services to Police, IAATI UK, and IAATI
Kent Mawyer, Texas DPS Ret’d

PO Scott Wertz, Reading Police, PA USA End of Watch August 6, 2006
James Spanel, Lincoln, NE Police Department
H. Lee Ballard, Ford Motor Co. - Retired

Gene Rutledge

Bernie Hart, National Auto Auctions