President’s Message

President Odendal

Dear IAATI members. 

It is an immense honour to serve as your President this term. I am committed to lead and serve the Association and membership to the best of my abilities.

This is a very special year for the Southern African Branch (SAB) and South Africa. It is the first time since 1952 that the highest office in IAATI is filled by someone from Africa.

A very special and huge thank you to all the spouses for their support over the years. We as members of IAATI would not be able to follow our passion without your understanding and support. In fact, most of you are part of the IAATI family by now.

We are faced with several challenges. Fortunately, we face these with confidence knowing we have a dedicated and talented Board to successfully help me lead the Association.

Our focus this year will be on how the Association and its’ officers could better serve our members. We are living in an era with rapid technological advances occurring in our environment and we as an association must keep up. What is important is that we to do so without watering down the unique culture, proud history and identity that is IAATI. It necessary for us to change to remain relevant.

There exists a great need for members to have instant access to our network and information. This network and information need to be available when and where needed most. The technology for this is available, however, greatest challenge remains obtaining the necessary funding.

To further build and retain our current membership base we now need to brainstorm new, innovative, and pioneering ideas for these purposes.

We need more direct participation from the members in the Association. You do not have to be a Board member to participate in committees. Make yourself aware of the various committees at local and international level. Consider contributing with your experience, knowledge, skill and time.

Our communal strength and growth are determined by membership participation.

Remember, we need each other's support!

Some feedback on the Annual International Training Seminar that was hosted in Glasgow, Scotland.

It was necessary for me to attend to many administrative, Board and Committee related tasks therefore, I could not attend most classes. One which I was fortunate to attend dealt with Cyber Crime in the vehicle environment. An IP member from Lyon presented on this fascinating and scary topic.

We have to consider the consequences that may come with the introduction of 5G technology. As vehicle crime investigators’, we look on with wide-eyed horror. OEM's compete to get their latest models as connected as possible, as an investigator you foresee a potential cyber-attack wave just waiting to happen. We are not prepared for this onslaught due to a critical lack of skilled investigators who specialise in this field.

A special word of thanks for our hosts, the Police Scotland, and the people of Glasgow who were absolute amazing. The beauty and history of Glasgow is beaten only by the friendliness of its people.

The Seminar content and networking opportunities were outstanding. I am very fortunate in that I have been attending the Seminars with its’ social networking opportunities since 1991.

With every Seminar you learn, your insight into vehicle crime and everything related increases. You get to see the latest industry specific technology, systems and tools available to combat auto crime. In addition to this you learn about new vehicle crime modus operandi with advanced investigative techniques.

To top it all your own professional network increases exponentially. That leads to you potentially being afforded assistance nearly anywhere in the world.

I was honoured to attend my Branch's Seminar, the Southern African Branch, as the International President. The Seminar was a great success with 230 members in attendance. The Seminar content was superb and the social events most pleasurable.

Recently, I attended the European Branch Seminar in Slovenia. I enjoyed the classes, networking opportunities and social events. Well done on hosting an excellent Seminar. Although cold and rainy on most days, and being a small country, Slovenia's history and natural scenery is breath-taking.  

All members, we have to better our communication. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any Board member if there is anything you believe we need to be made aware of. This may help us to improve on what we are doing. Your Board members' contact details are listed on the website.

And finally, but most importantly, thank you, for our sponsors, the organisers and attendees’ who make these Seminars possible. Everyone knows that providing training is one of IAATI’s top priorities.

I trust that not only will you enjoy the Seminars, but that you will leave enriched.

Wishing you and yours a blessed Festive Season and most productive year.


Tinus Odendal


2019 - 2020