President’s Message

Johnson - 2018

Dear IAATI members. 

I want to thank IAATI Past President JD Hough for his leadership during his tenure and acknowledge the IAATI Presidents who preceded him. If not for our predecessors, IAATI would not be the strong and vibrant organization we have today.

IAATI is continuing to grow while remaining the premier organization dealing with local, national and transnational vehicle crime investigations. We, however, must widen our investigative scope to remain relevant in today’s environment. IAATI investigators have always considered themselves experts in auto theft investigations while neglecting to acknowledge their expertise in crimes generally associated with motor vehicle theft. Rarely is a motor vehicle stolen that is not connected to other crimes such as robbery, theft, identity theft, narcotics, burglary, murder, sexual assaults and a myriad of other crimes. As a trained investigator you have the necessary skills to follow up on all the leads associated with the actual theft but your ability to investigate the secondary crimes associated with the theft will demonstrate to your command staff, citizens and politicians that motor vehicle theft is not just a property crime. If the investigative unit can demonstrate its investigative flexibility to the decision-makers, they might be less inclined to cut budgets or whole units during tough times.

One of IAATI’s goals is to educate you, your command staff, politicians and citizens that the budget of the motor vehicle crimes unit or Auto Theft Prevention Authority should not bear the brunt of fiscal cuts. IAATI also needs the efforts of each member to increase our global membership. I challenge each IAATI members to recruit a new member to our organization with a free year membership. Members should promote IAATI to their colleagues, command staff, politicians and citizens as the go-to source for motor vehicle crime information and contacts. Finally, if you have a problem with any aspect of IAATI please contact your branch, chapter or board member to assist you with the problem. I also request that you recommend possible solutions for the problem you are experiencing. IAATI belongs to the membership and we encourage you to take an active part in its evolution. 

William (Bill) Johnson
President 2018 - 2019