President’s Message


Fellow IAATI Members,

It is a true honor for me to be addressing these words to you as your 2022-2023 President. For the ones who might not know me, I come from Argentina and I work as a Prosecutor in the city of Campana, at the north of the Province of Buenos Aires. Prosecutors in Argentina work side by side with the Police, leading investigations and then, taking them to Court. The first International Conference I attended was in 2013 in Rimini, Italy and I still remember how welcomed this IAATI family made me feel. It was the second Conference for the Latin American crew but our first formally as a Branch. Through the years, I continued to feel welcomed and to be a part of this amazing group of people and now I am the first Latin American to become President of IAATI. This is quite the honor! My commitment to IAATI is real. I respect and believe in our values, our mission and our vision and I will do my best to treat this position with the high regard it deserves.

Among my priorities will be to to keep up our fine traditions of training, making contacts, networking and exchanging information between the public and private sectors. All the while keeping IAATI relevant in today’s larger context. The goal is always the same: TRY TO TAKE THIS ORGANIZATION TO THE HIGHEST LEVELS: both on the inside and on the outside.

On the inside, with what we can offer our members to improve their everyday work life. The challenge is huge, as the speed with which things change everyday keeps increasing.  So we need to step up our game as investigators to try to keep the criminals in check. But it is not a simple task. On the contrary, we must do everything we can to provide the best tools to our members, our investigators.

On the outside, we need to take actions in order to make IAATI known for its unique way to contribute with investigators worldwide, creating a recognized brand and adjusting our methods and procedures to fulfill international standards.

My job is to strengthen our Association through the determination of the actual needs of the Chapters and Branches and then to trace the path of a way to deal with them, and to do that I have an outstanding team in the Board to assist me and the inspiration of all the Past Presidents who came before me.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if there´s anything I can do for you, or if you want to participate in any Committee, be a vendor or collaborate with IAATI in anyway. Also, remember we are always looking for recipients for our awards. It is very important that organizations like IAATI take care of investigators and this is the best way we have to do that: acknowledging their work.


Ana Laura Brizuela
President 2022-2023