ATPA Sub Committee - Performance Measure Matrix Subcommittee

Charge of ATPA Performance Measure Matrix Subcommittee:

1. Identify and catalogue statutory performance or effectiveness measures in all current ATPAs; 
2. Identify and describe activities that are common to ATPAs and other countries as available. Identify specific tactics used to prevent, investigate, or reduce harm from motor vehicle theft;
3. Provide methods and elements to measure each of the activities identified. This would include outputs, outcomes, impact and cost benefit analysis; and
4. Discuss other considerations that assist ATPAs to communicate their effectiveness. 

Scope of Committee:

The committee will focus on measures of all state ATPAs.  As information is available, governmental agencies and organizations similar in activity, purpose or structure to ATPAs in other states and countries throughout the IAATI membership will be included.

Committee Chair

Bryan Wilson

Texas ABTPA Austin, TX


Committee Vice-Chair

Tim Bailor

Michigan State Police - ATPA Dimondale, MI USA


Committee Member

Bryan Gast

Insurance Bureau of canada Toronto, ON Canada

416 445 5912

Committee Member

Devin Chapman

New Mexico Office of the Superintendent of Insurance Albuquerque, NM USA


Committee Member

James McGuffin

Arizona Automobile Theft Authority Phoenix, AZ USA


Committee Member

Joseph Boche

Minnesota Commerce Fraud Bureau St. Paul, MN USA


Robert Force

Committee Member

Robert Force

Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority Lakewood, CO USA