Become a Member - North Central Chapter

Who Can Join

Membership in NCRC/IAATI is open to all members of the law enforcement profession and to all members of the insurance and investigative profession that have an interest in combating auto theft.

Any person desiring to be a member of NCRC/IAATI can do so by submitting an application to the chapter secretary. You may also register by contacting us on our website and indicate that you wish to join and an officer or representative will contact you.

NCRC Member Benefits

In addition to the annual training seminars, members receive a roster of all the NCRC members and the RECOVER newsletter.

The membership roster gives you instant access to auto theft investigators and insurance company fraud investigators from throughout the midwest.

The RECOVER features highlights of unique investigations, investigative tips, important reference numbers, training updates as well as chapter business news and announcements.

Download Membership Application